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lng tank truck

lng tank truck

According to a recent Shell LNG study, the number of heavy trucks and articulated lorries within the EU will increase by 307,000 to 2.76 million by 2040 if today’s approval trends continue.

480,000 (17 percent) of them would have an LNG drive and would replace a diesel fuel consumption of up to 11.5 billion liters. The potential of LNG to reduce greenhouse gases will be around 142 million tons by 2040.

CIMC ENRIC is the Chinese market and technology leader for cryogenic tanks for LNG powered commercial vehicles.CIMC ENRIC is the preferred supplier for OEMs as a complete value chain supplier from R&D/engineering to sequential logistics.CIMC ENRIC refuelling systems are economical, durable and help to reduce CO2 emissions in heavy transport.

lng tank truck

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