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CNG Solution for Power Plant

Use: The CNG solution for power plant project is to solve the peaker time operation cost for the power plant.

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To use the natural gas to generate the electricity for the peaker time could make the operation cost decrease significantly and also environment friendly. The CNG tube skids could be arranged and installed according the site actually size and condition, the CNG solution for power plant project could be realize the remote control. The pressure sensor and temperature sensor could be installed with CNG tube skids, the instant signal could be transmit to the control room and the operators could monitor the status of the whole project. The whole system include CNG tube skids, compressors, PRU and flow meter could be designed and choose according to the gas engine parameter requirements. Enric has built several projects for the state own power plants in Indonesia, and these power plants now are in the smooth operation, and the cost is improved obviously.


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