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CNG Storage Cascade

Use: The CNG storage cascade is as static storage unit and mainly for CNG filling stations, industrial factories.

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CNG Storage Cascade Overview

Our engineering and metallurgical teams who work to design cng storage cascades that are state-of-the-art, code and regulatory compliant, safe and cost-effective. We have a standard line of cylinders in cng storage cascade production and we also offer customization of cylinders to match your specific capacity and space requirements. Using a sophisticated CNC spin forging machine (spinner) with proprietary software to meet your specific needs.

Advantages of CNG Storage Cascade

1. CNG Storage Cascade has flexible model specifications and can be selected according to individual needs.

2. The use of CNG storage cascades can reduce the cost of gas storage stations and equipment

3. CNG storage cascades can store natural gas under different pressures, reducing the risk of leakage and explosion during storage.

4. In the lower storage stage of high-pressure gas cylinders, the CNG Storage Cascade requires less energy to compress natural gas

5.CNG Storage Cascade can reduce gas loss

CNG Storage CascadeSpecification

CNG Storage Cascade
SizeTare Weight(kg)Working Pressure(Bar)Total Water Capacity(Liter)Total Gas Capacity(M³)


The CNG storage cascade could be designed and manufactured with different code including ASME, DOT, ISO, AD2000, GB. We could always cng storage cascade fulfil proposal with different geometric volume, working pressure, quantity of cylinder, overall dimension, brand of valves & fittings based on customer’s condition and requirement.If you have any questions about CNG storage cascade, you can contact us.

Safety and efficiency are most important factors, our CNG Storage Cascades are widely used around the world and enjoy a high reputation.

As the global leader and trusted brand of high-pressure & cryogenic pressure vessel manufacturer in gas industry, CIMC ENRIC has been innovatively developing and manufacturing high quality seamless steel cylinders and various type of storage tanks & trailers to serve our clients worldwide covering different industries who need gas energy & petrochemicals.

Through our continuous efforts & decades’ experiences, we are pursuing to deliver not only reliable products but also comprehensive solution to support your business.


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