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The First in China! CIMC ENRIC Successfully Delivered the First Batch of T75 Tanks Certified by KHK in Japan
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Recently, Nantong CIMC Energy Equipment Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as "Nantong CIMC Energy"), a subsidiary of CIMC ENRIC, successfully delivered the first batch of 20-feet T75 cryogenic tank containers certified by Japanese KHK, which will be used in Japan Food-Grade liquid carbon dioxide required for the production of carbonated beverages by land transportation.

The full name of KHK is the Japan High Pressure Gas Security Association. It is the only authorized inspection organization for high-pressure gas equipment and imported and domestic production equipment in Japan. Only pressure vessels certified by KHK can be used in inland Japan. The requirements of KHK certification for products is extremely high and the certification process is very complicated. Products that have obtained KHK certification can be said to be the "uncrowned king" of the pressure vessel industry.

The 20-feet T75 tank products provided by Nantong CIMC Energy this time are the first certification and approval of Japanese KHK for companies outside of Japan. This represents KHK's trust and recognition of CIMC ENRIC's products. The successful delivery of first batch T75 containers has important reference significance for exploring the Japanese market and developing overseas business.

The First in China! CIMC ENRIC Successfully Delivered the First Batch of T75 Tanks Certified by KHK in Japan

20-feet T75 cryogenic tank container

The industry's highest standard witnesses Enric's quality

At the end of last year, based on the trust in Enric's brand and product quality, Nantong CIMC Energy received the first batch of orders for brand new KHK tank containers. At the beginning of the project, although Nantong CIMC Energy has rich experience in the design and manufacturing of cryogenic tanks, it is the first project to enter Japan's KHK certification, Technical difficulty, manpower, project management experience, or the stringent requirements of customers , which are all huge challenges to the company.

Since JIS standards (abbreviation of Japanese Industrial Standards) are requirements in the 1980s, they are far from the national standards and ASME standards currently implemented by our company. Faced with numerous challenges, in order to ensure that products can meet JIS Japanese local standards and ASME international standards at the same time. All departments of the company work together and cooperate closely. On the one hand, we actively communicate with customers. Due to the epidemic, we can only communicate through video conferences and emails. There are nearly a thousand communications emails. Nantong CIMC Energy held several communication meeting to discuss the project plan to buy valuable time for production and manufacturing. On the other hand, we seek help from the sister company CIMC Safeway Technology for relevant certification experience. The Quality Management Department carried out learning on the JIS certification series standards, formulated relevant documents, and carried out JIS knowledge Training, work overtime to complete and rectify data, organize multiple comprehensive inspections and audits to escort product quality.

High-Quality Delivery Makes Customers Admire

In order to successfully start the first battle after obtaining the Japanese KHK certification, the management of Nantong CIMC Energy encouraged the project team to win the trust of customers with the best products and quality, no matter what the cost. At the beginning of this year, on the occasion of the Spring Festival, the batch of tank containers was officially put into production. The company's production, technology, quality and other related personnel sacrificed time to reunite with their families, and used their efforts and dedication to ensure the smooth delivery of the project.

Looking back on the entire cooperation process, Nantong CIMC Energy has grown from an amateur to professional who won high recognition from customer. It can be summarized in one sentence from the project leader: "This all owe to the patience and care in the project process, attitude to solve problems from the customer's point of view without complaining."

The First in China! CIMC ENRIC Successfully Delivered the First Batch of T75 Tanks Certified by KHK in Japan

20-feet T75 cryogenic tank container

The success of the first batch of Japanese KHK certified 20-foot T75 tank container projects not only accumulates KHK certification experience for Nantong CIMC Energy, but also pave the way for the company who are planning to enter the Japanese market. It also brings confidence to the company and effectively enhances Nantong CIMC Energy brand influence in the international mainstream cryogenic market . It is another proof of the strength of China's independently designed and manufactured cryogenic tanks on the world stage.

Looking forward to the future, under the new development pattern where the domestic big cycle is the main body and the international and domestic dual cycles promote each other, CIMC ENRIC will continue to exploit potentialities, innovate and seek change, focus on advantageous businesses, accelerate high-quality growth, and work had to advancing for the energy equipment industry to create new development momentum.