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Hongtu's Successful Delivery of Combodian LPGTerminal Project


In recent years, CIMC Jingmen Hongtu Special Aircraft Manufacturing Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as the Company) has been expanding its business in the overseas market in order to implement the "One Belt, One Road" initiative. The Company has not only won many large orders in the domestic market, but has also been making great achievements in the overseas market with its excellent product quality.

Despite the unprecedented challenges posed by the continuous spread of the epidemic, in the face of the enormous work pressure and difficulties, the project teams at the overseas project sites kept their original hearts with loyalty and took up the mission with commitment. They defied the challenges, performed their duties and actively fought against the epidemic, ensured the health and safety of all staff, communicated and coordinated with various parties, and were highly recognized by the customers in accordance with their progress requirements.

Among these projects, the LPG terminal project in Cambodia has been successfully accomplished and put into use. The project contract, covering 6,000m³ LPG spherical tank and piping system, was signed with the largest oil company in Cambodia in 2019 through several rounds of technical and business negotiations with the joint efforts and cooperation of all the staff of the Company. The volume of the spherical tank and the scale of the project site are the largest in this country, and it becomes the landmark of the industrial park. In November 2021, the client awarded a letter of commendation for our dedication of "customer first, unity and cooperation", and settled the final payment of the project, and the project team members will return to China in triumph.

Hongtu's Successful Delivery of Combodian LPGTerminal Project

The successful completion of the project has set a monument for the Company in Cambodia, and laid a good foundation for the Company to continue to develop the Cambodian market. The project team worked very hard, especially Xiao Qing, a female member of the International Business Division, who was with the project team from the initial negotiations to the end of the project.

As a young mother of two children, she still decided to lead the construction staff together with the project managers in charge of the 6,000m³ spherical tank and piping system project in Sihanoukville, Cambodia so as to fulfill the contract spirit and the principle of responsibility to the client. After three times of nucleic acid testing and 16 days of quarantine, she arrived on site and started her 15-month overseas project life. Upon arrival at the construction site, all kinds of difficulties came one after another. In face of the poor living environment, inconvenient travel and personal safety problems, Xiao Qing was determined to carry out the project's equipment entry and exit, on-site construction and commissioning, and coordination with the client and external parties. Through the joint efforts of the project team, the welding of the spherical tank was completed ahead of schedule, and the subsequent NDE personnel and heat treatment personnel all entered the country on schedule. At the end of October 2021, all the commissioning work of the project in Cambodia was completed, and the handover of the completion documents and the training work of the customer side had also been concluded. At present, the Company and the customer of this project have started a new round of negotiation for LPG projects, covering a number of storage and transportation equipment and projects such as storage tanks, pipelines and semi-trailers, etc.

Hongtu's Successful Delivery of Combodian LPGTerminal Project

Being the pioneer in the medium pressure storage and transportation vessel industry, the Company has been committed to providing clean energy equipment solutions to domestic and international customers over the last 40 years. Up to now, the Company has successfully delivered nearly 30 EPC projects along the Belt and Road. With the concept of sustainable development and "carbon peaking and carbon neutral" taking root, the Company's turnkey solution capability has become a powerful initiative to implement the "green development and green supply chain" in CIMC's sustainable development strategy. The Company is making contributions to the global warming solutions and double carbon goals.

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