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CIMC ENRIC Oil refinery project in Ghana


1. Project overview:

1) Client: A petrochemical company in The Republic of Ghana, which is Chinese-funded holdings company. The construction site located in Tema City.

2) Project overview: The Project involved in construction of the phase I of a 5,000,000 t/a oil refinery. The works contracted by us were installation of 400,000 t/a gasoline hydrogenation units, 400,000 t/a catalytic reforming integrated unit, 600,000 t/a diesel hydrogenation unit, 50,000 t/a benzene hydrogenation unit, 450,000 t/a prehydrogenation unit, 226,000 m3 crude oil and finished oil tanks, all the public engineering units on the site, and the mechanical and electrical equipment of all the above-mentioned units' electric instruments, etc.

Oil refinery project in Ghana

2. Client's requirements and our work highlights:

1) The client expected us to strengthen quality control for construction of the Project, cut down construction cost of the Project and meet the construction schedule of the Project while safety was guaranteed in construction.

2) In construction of the Project, we worked out a detailed construction plan, adjusted construction employee staffing flexibly, strengthened the responsibilities in quality safety inspections and supervision and controlled the construction cost comprehensively, with help of the construction conditions provided by the client, to meet the client's construction requirements for the Project.

Oil refinery project in Ghana

3. Our advantages:

1) A project construction cost control system with core competitiveness;

2) Strong guarantees for the safety, quality, cost and progress of projects

Oil refinery project in Ghana

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