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CIMC ENRIC Project in Indonesia


1. Project overview:

1) Owner: Indonesia KAYAN Liquefied Natural Gas Co., Ltd. The construction site was in Tarakan Island, Kalimantan Utara, Indonesia.

2) Project overview: The Project is a 700,000m3 LNG project. The works we contracted was supply, installation and debugging of a 10,000m³ LNG atmospheric thermometal full-containment storage tank.

Project in Indonesia

2. Owner's requirements and our work highlights:

1) For the 10000m³ LNG full-containment storage tank which was the key equipment of the 700,000m3 LNG works of phase I of the Indonesia KAYAN Liquefied Natural Gas Plant, the Owner expected great plans and schemes, construction in line with the design specification and quicker installation and debugging of the storage tank while both production safety and high quality are guaranteed.

2) In the preparation stage of the Project, we worked out detailed plans and schemes in accordance with the on-site environmental conditions of the Project and requirements of the Owner, purchased and prefabricated high-quality installation materials for the Project and formed professional construction and management teams for the Project to ensure smooth construction of the Project as scheduled.

Project in Indonesia

3. Our advantages:

1) We have professional teams for technical support and on-site construction management, which can solve the difficulties in projects flexibly;

2) Thanks to our mature project management system, we can ensure production safety, high quality and shorter construction periods for projects.

Project in Indonesia

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