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CIMC ENRIC Project in Kazakhstan


1. Project overview:

1) Owner: Kazakhstan Petroleum Industry Co., Ltd. The Project was contracted by China National Chemical Engineering Co., Ltd. The construction site located in Atyrau City.

2) Project overview: The Project was a petrochemical project. The works we contracted were construction of the 12,000m³ propylene full-containment storage tank works.

Project in Kazakhstan

2. Owner's requirements and our work highlights:

1) The storage tank is a low-temperature full-containment storage tank larger than 10,0003 in Kazakhstan. On the precondition that high quality was guaranteed, we did standardized construction, cooperated with the relevant government department of Kazakhstan in doing quota compilation and cost forecasting and improved the local construction flow and inspection specification of Kazakhstan.

2) At beginning of construction of the Project, based on the existing construction conditions, we worked out detailed construction plans and schemes for the Project. During construction, we interpreted the construction techniques for the management of the Owner and provided training about the precautions in later use.

Project in Kazakhstan

3. Our advantages:

1) We have powerful technical strength for the construction of full-containment storage tanks and can therefore realize high quality for products by means of standardized project management;

2) We have rich experience in providing training about the standard use of storage tanks.

Project in Kazakhstan

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