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What is the LNG cryogenic tanks?
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Cryogenic LNG liquids exist at extremely low temperatures which is why specialized equipment is required for their transportation and storage. Contrary to popular belief, it’s not possible to store cryogenic LNG liquids in a standard container. Doing so would make it impossible to handle them and would also present health and safety risks to those who work with them. 

LNG Cryogenic tanks are built for this purpose. They’re manufactured with durable materials that are able to withstand such low temperatures. Additional precautions are also built into the equipment so as to reduce any chances of leakage.

What is a LNG cryogenic tank?

LNG Cryogenic tanks are containers that are used to store cryogenic LNG liquids.

It‘s vital for these tanks to be thermally insulated so as to maintain the low temperatures. This is achieved through the use of a vacuum jacket. It’s vital that this component be designed and manufactured to a high specification that follows established international design codes. 

LNG Cryogenic tanks can be of several different kinds, such as a LNG cryogenic storage tank and LNG ISO Tank Container which has a frame outside the cryogenic tank , cryogenic thermal-insulating cylinder, LNG semi-trailer( assemble the cryogenic tanks on the chassis), etc.,

It‘s possible to repair LNG cryogenic tanks but it’s not a job that anyone can do. Any repairs or modifications to such tanks should be carried out by a skilled repairer who performs the job in line with the design codes to which the tank was manufactured. They also need to be mindful of the prevailing regulations and legislation. 

Any and all repairs or modifications carried out need to be documented so that records can be kept as long as the tank is in service.

What is the LNG cryogenic tanks?

Where LNG cryogenic tanks in the LNG cryogenic treatment process?

LNG Cryogenic tanks are integral to the entire LNG cryogenic treatment process. Without them, it would not be possible to transport and store cryogenic LNG liquids.

Their efficacy isn’t just limited to the storage and transport of the LNG . These tanks also play an important role in the deep LNG cryogenic treatment process. As previously discussed, it’s not possible to do this with a conventional tank. There would be too many factors at play that would disrupt the treatment process. That’s what makes LNG cryogenic tanks so vital to the entire process. Without them, deep LNG cryogenic treatment can’t take place.

Maintenance and Inspection:

There‘s a fair bit of legislation that governs the industry’s use of LNG cryogenic tanks. They have to be operated and maintained in a manner that’s in compliance of these regulations. 

Only designated competent persons are qualified to maintain and manage the LNG cryogenic tanks. The industry abides by these regulations. As such, static tanks should put through inspections at regular intervals. Routine maintenance and periodic formal examination should also carried out. 

The maintenance and inspection regime has to be created so that it can be ensured that the tank is in a position to allow safe operation at all periods of time between the formal examinations. 

Periodic inspection and testing is also required for transportable tanks and this can only be performed by an inspection body. These inspections and examinations have to be documented and the records have to be retained for the life of the tank. 

There‘s a duty of care that the industry needs to abide by when they own use LNG cryogenic tanks. Responsible gas suppliers will only fill an LNG cryogenic tank once they are satisfied that it is safe to do so.


LNG storage tank manufacturer-CIMC ENRIC in strict accordance with the national standard design and manufacture, can also according to customer requirements design and manufacture volume reached more than 200 m3 cryogenic liquid storage tank, and can provide various specifications of the carburetor, regulating lever measurement, gas buffer tank, combined pressure regulating device (PCM) PLC station control system (such as unattended) gas application form a complete set of equipment.

What is the LNG cryogenic tanks?

LNG Storage Tank


ISO LNG Tank Container constitute one type of CIMC ENRIC's standardized, modularized and light-weight transport equipment, and having inherited the feature of transport convenience of containers and integrated the profound storage and transport-related technologies of CIMC ENRIC, they can be used for multimodal transport (marine, railway and road transport ) and for the large-quantity storage and transport of cryogenic liquid. By virtue of their standardized and modularized design, ISO tank containers can organically combine with upstream and downstream LNG application facilities and perfectly blend into the overall solution for application as the storage and transport link, thus creating higher values for clients.

What is the LNG cryogenic tanks?

LNG ISO Tank Container


The LNG Cylinder is a vacuum insulated storage tank with unique vacuum insulation technology and excellent insulation performance. They are used for the storage and transport of cryogenic liquefied LNG as well as other liquids that can be used for the road transport of cryogenic liquids, mainly for LNG filling and storage of cryogenic liquids, but also for the on-site storage and supply of LNG. All models are highly standardized and the dimensions are unified, which is convenient for customers to choose and transport.

What is the LNG cryogenic tanks?

Cryogenic thermal-insulating cylinder

CIMC ENRIC LNG Vehicle Cylinder

LNG Vehicle Cylinder, as a cryogenic insulation pressure vessel, is designed with double layers and vacuum structure.

Inner vessel used to store liquid natural gas and wrapped with multi-layer insulating materials with heat-insulated property. Besides, interlayer between inner vessel and outer jacket is made to high vacuum in order to achieve excellent insulation performance.

What is the LNG cryogenic tanks?

LNG Vehicle Cylinder

CIMC ENRIC LNG Semi-trailer

Our cryogenic semi-trailer adopts the insulation method of multilayer winding, achieving excellent insulation performance and low daily evaporation rate. As the cryogenic semi-trailer is widely used to transport LNG, it is usually referred to as LNG semi-trailer. The specialized automobile and trailer products and LNG Semi-trailer developed and produced by our company are mainly used for transporting liquefied gases with high (low) pressure, refrigerated liquefied gases, and liquids with the highest working temperature above or equal to their standard boiling point. 

What is the LNG cryogenic tanks?

LNG semi-trailer


You can count on us for code-compliant and reliable LNG storage. Our engineering experts have more than 20 years of experience in designing LNG storage solutions to meet state and local code requirements.

Cryogenic LNG Bulk Storage Tanks and Regasification

CIMC ENRIC offers a full range of standard and custom-designed cryogenic storage tanks for LNG, as well as turnkey and customized systems for storage and regasification.

Tank capacities range from 200m3 - 50,000m3 and can be designed in horizontal and vertical orientation to meet specific customer requirements and applications.

Outstanding holding time

Cooled by the liquefaction process to a temperature of -162 °C (-260 °F), LNG is condensed to 1/600th of the volume of natural gas (in gaseous form) for easy and safe transportation and storage. Maintaining pressure and temperature under changing atmospheric conditions is critical to keeping LNG in its liquid state.

Our LNG storage tanks comprise a lightweight stainless steel inner vessel with a robust outer jacket, cushioned by superior vacuum insulation to ensure excellent thermal performance, extended LNG retention time and minimized product loss.

Complete end-to-end LNG solutions

With our own design, engineering and turnkey project delivery capabilities and the skills and expertise of industry-leading partners, CIMC ENRIC provides trusted end-to-end LNG solutions that continue to reduce operating costs while significantly improving emissions. Pair your LNG storage tank with our other engineered components to build a complete storage solution that delivers natural gas at the point of use based on specified capacity and withdrawal requirements.

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