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LPG Filling Skid

LPG refilling/filling skid is an integrated equipment that integrates loading, unloading, storage, refilling or filling. The integrated equipment includes LPG storage tanks, LPG pumps and piping systems for loading, unloading and filling, control systems, filling scales or liquid dispensers, and spray systems. The integrated equipment is serialized and can be transported in containers.

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What certifications do we own?

We have China GB1, GC1(1)(2)(3), SAD and US ASME U U2 professional design and manufacturing qualification, API professional design capability, China GA1 Class B, GB1, GC2 pressure piping installation and transformation repair license.

Main functions

Key Features

LPG filling/filling skid is a highly integrated product. The container, pipeline, moving equipment, filling scale or liquid filling machine, control system and spray system are highly integrated in the skid, which is convenient for container transportation. The main material of the container is made of low-alloy steel plates for the container, the valve accessories are selected from well-known brands in the industry, a professional design and manufacturing team, and a complete quality assurance system. The existing series volume ranges from 5m³ to 20m³, which can be customized according to customer needs.

What is the purpose of the product?

It is mainly used for the filling of liquefied gas cylinders and car refilling in remote, dense and far away from standard LPG filling stations and gas filling stations. The installation is convenient, which reduces the installation cycle of the equipment on site and facilitates the transfer of gas supply equipment.

What benefits will you get from product?

Customers can reduce capital investment, reduce the installation cycle, and recover investment costs faster. Corresponding stable products can be obtained, and a wide range and stable customers can be realized through the layout.


Where can this product be used?

Africa and Southeast Asia are potential markets

Who might use this product?

LPG trading companies, transportation business carriers and private owners are potential customers of this product.

Use range

Suitable for mixed liquefied petroleum gas, propane, commercial propane or commercial propane butane mixture medium with saturated vapor pressure ≤1.60MPa at 50℃

Some common uses of the product?

The LPG filling skid is used for filling LPG cylinders for household or industrial use; the LPG filling skid is used for filling steel cylinders of vehicles.


Primary advantages

It is safe and reliable, highly integrated, easy to install and use.

Why should I buy this product?

Low investment and quick return.

What makes this product different to competitor products?

High cost performance, quality assurance, high responsibility and perfect after-sales service system.

Our service

Our Policy

HONGTU has the design & fabrication capacity of LPG stationary storage tanks including above-ground tanks, underground tanks and mounded tanks etc. All kinds of tanks could be customized according to the customers' requirements.

Unique deliveries


Shipped by container or bulk vessel

Warranty information

One year warranty after delivery

Payment method

What payment method do we have?

T/T, L/C

Export cases

Main markets

Asia, Southeast Asia, Africa, South America, North America


Product specifications

Technical parameters

Technical Specification for LPG Filling Skid
TAKN VOLUME(m³)10m³12m³20m³25m³32m³40m³50m³63m³
Filling Weight (kg)4035485080701009012920164102018025420
Design Pressure (Mpa)1.61
Design Temperature (℃)-20℃-50 ℃
Shell /Head Thickness (mm)10mm/10mm10mm/10mm12mm/13mm12mm/13mm12mm/13mm13mm/14mm13mm/14mm13mm/14mm
Design StandardChinese Standard
Tank MaterialQ345R
Processing pipe material20#
Application1. Scale for bottling cylinder2. LPG dispenser for fueling car3. LPG pump or compressor for truck
AccessoriesIncluding pressure gauge, thermometer, float level gauge, ball valves, safety valves, safety return valves, check valves, filter, globe valves, processing pipes, explosion-proof light, alarm and gas leakage detection system, explosion-proof cabinet for lighting and power distribution etc.
Shipment methodVolume above 20m³ will be shipped by bulk vessel , below 20m³ will be shipped by container vessel


Package included

Nude Packing

Accessories or Parts



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