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Industrial Gas Storage Tank

Cryogenic liquid storage tanks of CIMC ENRIC in strict accordance with the national standard design and manufacture, can also according to customer requirements design and manufacture of volume reached more than 200 m3 after and of the cryogenic liquid storage tank, and can provide various specifications of the carburetor, regulating lever measurement, gas buffer tank, combined pressure regulating device (PCM) PLC station control system (such as unattended) gas application form a complete set of equipment.

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Cryogenic liquid storage tank, as a cryogenic insulation pressure vessel, servered for LNG, LOX, LIN, LAr, LCO2, LC2H4, LH2 and etc, is designed with double layers and vacuum structure. Inner vessel used to store liquid. Besides, interlayer between inner vessel and outer jacket be filled with perlite or multi-layer insulating materials with heat-insulated property to achieve excellent insulation performance.

The type of industrial gas storage tank you need will depend on the tank’s capacity, its measurement and the container’s shape. There are several types of industrial tanks for gas, the most common being:

Internal Floating Roof Tank: Used for liquids with lower melting points such as gasoline and ethanol.

Bullet Tanks: Typically employed to store liquefied bases like butane and ammonia.

Liquefied Natural Gas Tank: These industrial tanks can hold liquefied natural gas at the required temperature of -162 degrees celsius.

Main Technical Parameters

LNG Storage TankLNG Storage Tank
Large-Sized Cryogenic Liquid Normal-Pressure TankCryogenic Liquid Cluster Tanks (One outer tank and several inner tanks)

Thermal-insulating mode: Perlite powder accumulation insulation

Capacity: 200m3-50000m3

Working pressure: 10kPa-25kPa

Medium: LOX, LIN, LAr, LNG, LC2H4 and ect

Structure type: Vertical, at bottom, single containment or full containment

Thermal-insulating mode: Perlite powder accumulation insulation

Capacity: 600m3-3000m3

Working pressure: 0.3MPa-1.0MPa

Medium: LOX, LIN, LAr, LNG, LCO2 and ect

Structure type: Adopt the structure type of inner tank groups & outer tank

LNG Storage TankLNG Storage Tank
Cryogenic Sphere TankVacuum Insulated Storage Tank

Thermal-insulating mode: Perlite powder accumulation thermal insulation &

micro-positive Pressure dry nitrogen

Capacity: 500m3-3000m3

Working pressure: 0.3MPa-1.0MPa

Medium: LIN, LOX, LAr, LNG, LCO2, LC2H4 and LPG

Structure type: Both inner sphere & outer sphere or inner sphere & outer

cylinder type

Volume: ≤350m3

Working Pressure: ≥0.1MPa

Thermal-insulating Type: Vacuum powder insulation, multi

layer thermal insulation

Media: LNG、LOX、LIN、LAr、LCO2、LC2H4、LH2 and etc.

Type: Vertical, horizontal

Performance Advantages

The strain strengthening technology is applied to reduce the dead load of the tank.

Unique high vacuum insulation technology to keep good insulation performance;

Special technology to ensure the stbility of vacuum degree;

Modular piping system and high configuration components improve equipment performance and durability;

1-DATA- TANK realizes itelligent monitoring of tank pressure and liquid level.


Production license of pressure vessel type A3, C2, B4, D. Installation license of GC1 industrial piping, ISO9001/IATF16949:2016 quality management system certificaiton, ISO14001 environmental protection system certification and GB/T45001 occupational health and safety management system certification, ASME certificate with "U", "S" and "T" stamp, Factory Approval certificate from Classification Society of CCS, BV, DNV and etc.

Main functions

Key Features

Cold-stretched application to reduce material cost

Unique high vacuum insulation technology to keep good insulation performance

What is the purpose of the product?

Store and filling cryogenic liquid.

What benefits will you get from product?

Store cryogenic liquid in good condition and avoid evaporation in large amount


Widely used in petrochemical, coal chemical, chemical, medicune, environmental protection, steel, power plant, medical, food, petroleum, electronics, gas and other related industries.


Primary advantages

Why should I buy this product?

What makes this product different to competitor products?

More than 20 years' experience in cryogenic equipment field

Stable performance and updated technical craft

Provide one - stop supply chain services of overall solutoins

Our service

The goods are made of best materials, with first class workmanship, brand new, unused and correspond in all respects with the quality, specifications and performance as stipulated in contract. The goods will give satisfactory performance for a period of 12 months starting from the date of delivery when correctly mounted and properly operated.

Payment method

TT transfer and LC are both acceptable.

Export cases

Main markets

Germany, France, Netherlands, Russia, Kazakhstan, Indonesia, Singapore, Malaysia, India, Thailand, Vietnam, the Philippines, Australia, the USA, Mexico, Bolivia, Saudi Arabia, Oman


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