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LPG Spherical Tank

The LPG spherical tank is a fixed-pressure vessel at normal temperature, with a single-layer tank structure, dedicated to storing liquefied petroleum gas, using low-alloy steel plates for the vessel, with excellent performance, safety and reliability. Spherical storage tanks have a smaller surface area, greater corrosion resistance, and are moisture and corrosion resistant.

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LPG Spherical Tank Certifications

What certifications do we own?

We have China A2, A3, C2, SAD and American ASME U U2 professional design and manufacturing qualifications, and meet DOSH certification, GOST certification and other requirements.

LPG Spherical Tank Main functions

Key Features

The main material is made of low-alloy steel plates for containers, and safety accessories can be selected according to different customer needs. International and domestic well-known brands, professional design, manufacturing and installation teams, complete quality assurance system, volume series covering 200m³~10000m³, can be customized according to customer needs .

What is the purpose of the LPG Spherical Tank?

This product is used for large-capacity, pressure-bearing spherical storage vessels.

What benefits will you get from LPG Spherical Tank?

Compared with other storage tanks, the use of spherical tanks can greatly reduce the consumption of steel, generally saving 30% to 45%; in addition, the spherical tank has a smaller area and a small amount of basic engineering.

LPG Spherical Tank Use

Where can this LPG Spherical Tank be used?

This product can be used in areas where the ambient temperature is -50℃~50℃, and it can be used in various regions such as Asia, Africa, and South America.

Who might use this LPG Spherical Tank?

LPG trading companies, gas station operators, and large petrochemical companies are potential customers of this product.

LPG Spherical Tank Use range

Suitable for mixing liquefied petroleum gas, propane, commercial propane, commercial propane butane mixture, propylene, anhydrous ammonia and other C4 mediums, etc.

Some common uses of the LPG Spherical Tank?

Long-term storage

LPG Spherical Tank Advantages

Primary advantages

High quality, safe and reliable;

Why should I buy this product?

Preliminary professional consultation, professional design, manufacturing and installation experience, reliable quality and service guarantee. Comprehensive and full-process EPC services.

-What makes this product different to competitor products?

High cost performance, quality assurance, high responsibility and perfect after-sales service system.

Small surface area

Spherical Tanks are typically used to store liquids and pressurized gases below ambient temperature, such as ammonia, propylene, LPG, butadiene, and others. Most (or many) spheres operate at low temperatures, with a lower limit of -50°C (-58°F). Gases are stored at pressures below their liquefaction temperature.

The main advantage of the Spherical Tank construction is that when storing pressurized gases, stress concentrations within the sphere are minimized because the stress resistance is uniform over the entire surface. Another advantage is the reduced outer surface for a given storage volume compared to all other possible shapes.

Due to the high temperatures in cold storage and the often high ambient temperatures and humidity outside the Spherical Tank, the key requirement is to have a well-designed and installed insulation system to maintain a consistent temperature inside the sphere.

High corrosion resistance

Dimensional stability and compatibility with substrate expansion/contraction.   

As the Spherical Tank is put into service and cooled to operating temperature, the surface of the sphere shrinks and the diameter of the sphere decreases. The insulation system must be designed to accommodate this dimensional change.   

Control of permeability and hygroscopicity. 

The temperature difference between the object and its surroundings is the cause of surface condensation. This, coupled with moisture entering from the outside by other means, can have a serious adverse effect on the efficiency and safety of the Spherical Tank.

High safety

Control heat gain.  

By preventing heat transfer, you will be able to store content as efficiently as possible by keeping energy requirements and operating costs low.

Risk of chemical absorption.  

If a leak or spill occurs, the insulation may also absorb the contents of the Spherical Tank, which typically contains flammable liquids with low flash points, posing a significant fire and explosion hazard. The use of open cell or fiber insulation systems may have a serious adverse effect on the safety of the Spherical Tank, resulting in the absorption of flammable liquids and a core-suction hazard, which could result in a spontaneous combustion fire.

Our LPG Spherical Tank service

Our Policy

HONGTU has the design & fabrication capacity of LPG stationary storage tanks including above-ground tanks, underground tanks and mounded tanks etc. All kinds of tanks could be customized according to the customers' requirements.

Unique deliveries


Shipped by bulk vessel

Warranty information

One year warranty after delivery

LPG Spherical Tank Payment method

What payment method do we have?


LPG Spherical Tank Export cases

Main markets

Asia, Southeast Asia, Africa, South America, North America

LPG Spherical Tank Specifications

Product specifications

Technical parameters

Design StandardASME VIII-2
Total Capacity m³150020003000500060008000
*Payload KG75010001500250030004000
Shell MaterialSA516MSA537 CL.1SA537 CL.1SA537 CL.2SA537 CL.2SA537 CL.2
Filling Ratio0.850.
Tank Net Weight KG258610288617431223636868732400893620
Design Pressure MPa1.771.771.771.81.771.42
Working Pressure MPa1.571.41.571.71.571.2
MAWP MPa1.771.771.771.81.771.42
Design Temperature ℃-20/50-20/50-20/50-40/5050-30/50
Working Temperature -18/4035-15~40-35~4040-15/40
Corrosion Allowance MM1.
Hydraulic Test Pressure MPa2.532.542.542.582.542.04
Air Tightness Test Pressure MPa1.771.771.771.81.771.42
Wind Pressure Pa103515001500200015003200
Snow Pressure Pa------300----
Seismic Intensity7 Degree7 Degree7 Degree8 Degree8 Degree8 Degree
Field Soil CategoryIIIIIIIIIIII
*Please note that different medium component will cause different density and different payload.**Please contact for more different kinds of capacity and standard tanks.

Design StandardASME VIII-1ASME VIII-2
Total Capacity m³60097420002000
*Payload KG27840018091012600747000
Filling Ratio0.80.90.830.83
MaterialSA537 CL.2SA516M GR485SA203 GR.FSA203 GR.F
Net Weight KG69628109500374367399963
Design Pressure MPa0.7/-0.030.791.982.15
Working Pressure MPa0.470.61.651.775
Design Temperature ℃-39/65-20/50120120
Working Temperature ℃42.540-50~-10-50~-10
Corrosion Allowance MM2.
Wind Pressure Pa600800300300
Snow Pressure Pa400018001800
Seismic Intensity7 Degree8 Degree6 Degree6 Degree
Field Soil CategoryIIIIIIII
*Please note that different medium component will cause different density and different payload.**Please contact for more different kinds of capacity and medium tanks.

LPG Spherical Tank Components

Package included

Nude Packing

Accessories or Parts

Accessories or Parts will be packed in Steel or Wooden Cases if needed.


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