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lng tank trailer

lng tank trailer

CIMC ENRIC's LNG transport range is a vacuum insulated cryogenic lng tank trailer designed for the transport of LNG by road.

As the first cryogenic equipment manufacturer in China, ENRIC has been producing cryogenic semi-tank trailers since 2003 and has been doing so for almost 20 years now. The annual production capacity of cryogenic semi-trailers exceeds 1500 units. Over the years, CIMC ENRIC has supplied nearly 4,000 cryogenic semi-tank trailers to the domestic and international markets, ranking first in the Chinese market.CIMC ENRIC's standards are even stricter than national standards, such as sealing vacuum. Today, CIMC ENRIC is committed to international marketing and we have exported to more than 20 countries, including the USA, Nigeria, Russia, Kazakhstan, Thailand and many more.

lng tank trailer



By aiming for the lowest centre of gravity and the greatest wheelbase width, it brings maximum stability to its semi-tank trailer in all its designs to ensure safe operation. Excellent rollover stability and handling through a lower centre of gravity, lighter tare weight, shot length and wider wheel hoses. Superb multi-layer insulation and consideration of the gases intended for use in the tanker are also key issues in achieving optimum design, so that the product in the semi-tank trailer can be stored for long periods without evaporating and draining. The return on investment is quicker than you might think.

Wide range of options

Whether equipped with a cryogenic pump or not, CIMC ENRIC offers a wide range of options (from 180,000L to 40,000L with a design pressure of 2.1 bar) according to the target country of operation and the wishes of the customer.


With its latest mega-trailer (4 axles, 78,000 litre capacity), CIMC Anrico offers the largest payload range on the market. Depending on the country/region of operation, CRYOLOR is committed to providing the best payload by proposing an adaptive design (taking into account the weight of the truck).

High specification design and safety features

These highly advanced LNG trailers have an operating pressure of 2.1 bar and are designed for a temperature range of -20 to +50 degrees Celsius. Their internal self-supporting pressure vessels are manufactured to exacting specifications, while the external vessels are made from vacuum-resistant low-alloy steel plates.

Centrifugal pumps

Filling can be done by pressure transfer or by using a centrifugal pump. Cabinets and pumping units can be designed according to customer specifications and requirements. The simple pipe work layout on the semi-trailer minimises the risk of potential leaks.

CIMC ENRIC's cryogenic trailers are optimised for the transport of cryogenic gases. With over 10 years of engineering experience, these trailers can be designed to operate in any country or region of the world.

CIMC ENRIC has developed a complete range of solutions for the transport and storage of combustible gases. All equipment, from the cabinets to the chassis and axles, is ATEX certified and designed according to the regulations of the relevant countries. We will solve your problems through timely quotations, consultancy services, precision engineering and efficient design to meet your most exacting specifications.

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