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40ft Tank Container for Refrigerated Liquefied Gases

ModelDesign CodeMAWP(psig) Capacity (m³)Tare weight(kg)Load weight(kg)Rated weight(kg)Medium

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International Maritime Dangerous Goods Code (IMDG)

European Agreement Concerning the Internation Carriage of Dangerous Goods by Road (ADR)

Convention for Safe Containers (CSC)

Transport International Router (TIR)

Standard: ASME Boiler & Pressure Vessel Code Ⅷ Division 1 ISO1496-3 Series 1 freight containers Specification and testing-Part3 Tank containers for liquids, gases and pressurized dry bulk

Approval: USDOT

Dimension: 12192mm(L)x2438mm(W)x2591mm(H)

Medium: LHe

Insulation: high vacuum insulation

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About 40 tank container 

Refrigerated tanker trucks come in heavy, medium, and light sizes depending on their capacity. Large refrigerated tanker trucks, with a capacity of 5,500 to 10,646 gallons(this type of refrigerated tanker truck ), are the most commonly used vehicles for transporting gasoline to gas stations.

CIMC ENRIC's refrigerated tanker is specifically designed to transport natural gas and industrial gas safely on the road. With a capacity of 40.3 cubic meters (10,646 gallons), it meets safety production and transportation standards, has reliable refrigeration capacity, acid resistance, and pressurization capacity. 

If you need transport and storage equipment for natural gas and industrial gases, refrigerated tankers are an essential component of our transport systems. At CIMC ENRIC, we offer reliable natural gas and industrial gas transportation equipment. Contact us today at +86 512 6957 1032 or complete our online form.

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