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Hydrogen Refueling Station

We devoted ourselves in H2 fueling station business since 2010, we supply containerized H2 fueling station, which works at 450 bar, with capacity of 500kg/day. It can help client to realize within 1 week from install to operate. We already provided the H2 refueling station to Korea, USA and Europe.

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Definition of hydrogen refueling station

A hydrogen refueling station is a facility used to fuel hydrogen fuel cell vehicles. It works by delivering liquid or compressed hydrogen to a hydrogen refueling station and injecting the hydrogen into the vehicle's hydrogen storage tank through a fuel pump. When the vehicle needs fuel, the driver parks the vehicle under the hydrogenation gun at the hydrogenation station and starts the hydrogenation process through the hydrogenation gun. During the hydrogenation process, liquid or compressed hydrogen is delivered to the vehicle's hydrogen storage tank, where it is then used to supply the fuel cell system to generate electricity. Hydrogen refueling stations are usually equipped with safety equipment and monitoring systems to ensure the safety and efficiency of the hydrogenation process.

Product Features

1. Gas Distribution System: The gas distribution system deliveries hydrogen gas, which is from on-site hydrogen production by tube trailer.

2. Compression system: Hydrogen is pressurized with a booster device, usually to pressures above 400 bar/850 bar.

3. Storage system: This system stores high-pressure hydrogen from the compression system. The pressure difference between the storage system and the hydrogen refueling objects enables rapid hydrogen refueling.

4. Refueling system: Hydrogen is refueled to vehicles or other facilities through this system and can be metered.

5. Control and Protection System: This system covers the entire compression and refueling system, as well as leakage, flame, fire protection, lightning protection, anti-static and other early warning and protection, to ensure the safety of the whole system.

Mobile hydrogen refueling device is designed to solve the problem of temporary hydrogen refueling or hydrogen refueling difficulties.

Uses of hydrogen refueling stations

Hydrogen can also be produced from a variety of renewable sources. Hydrogen refueling stations can choose to deliver hydrogen as a liquid, as a gas, or to manufacture it on-site.

Hydrogen stations can also produce hydrogen on-site by electrolyzing water and reforming natural gas or biomethane. In some locations, hydrogen refueling stations can use hydrogen from existing pipelines. All three methods produce gaseous hydrogen that must be compressed and stored, and they all require more equipment and space than any of the methods of delivering hydrogen.


Hydrogen Refueling Station
station lengthtyperefueling capacityrefueling pressurepower of compressor
12200mobile hydrogen refueling station50035037~41
12500hydrogen refueling station skid20035037~41

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