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What is regasification of LNG?

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For transport over large distances or when pipelines for natural gas are not available, the gas can be transported as liquified natural gas (LNG). Natural gas is commonly transported and stored in liquid state because its volume is decreased about 600 times compared to at gaseous state. By cooling the gas down to approximately -162°C, the gas condensates and becomes liquid. Regasification is the process of converting the gas back to gaseous state by heating the liquified gas.

Characteristics of CIMC Enric’s LNG vaporizer

Safety: CIMC's LNG vaporizers focus on the safety features of the vaporizer, such as explosion-proof design, emergency cut-off system, leak detection and alarm system, etc.

Reliability: CIMC's LNG vaporizers are certified by ISO 9001-2015 (QNet&cQC) and ASME-U2 to ensure their stability and long-term availability.

Maintenance and repair: CIMC will provide maintenance and repair support and related warranty terms. Help you reduce maintenance costs.

High compatibility: CIMC's LNG vaporizers can be seamlessly integrated with your equipment without making your operation more difficult.

CIMC manufactures various types of vaporizers, including:

Ambient air heated vaporizers, available in both natural and forced draft designs.

Steam heated vaporizers.

Water heated vaporizers, offered in both coil-in-shell and shell-in-tube designs.

Gas- or Diesel-fired heated vaporizers.

Open Rack Vaporizer.

Submerged Combustion Vaporizer.

Mobile units based on the technologies mentioned above.

The choice of the most suitable vaporizer technology for your specific process depends on factors such as the local climate, the availability of heating sources (such as cooling water, steam, or electrical power), your preferences, and any relevant site regulations.

If you have any questions about vaporizers, you can contact us here.

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