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LNG Equipment for Marine

CIMC ENRIC is devoted to developing the fueling equipment of marine, including LNG storage tank, LNG gas supply system, LNG power system, Marine refueling station, etc.,

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Product Features

Depending on many years of experience in cryogenic products, Sanctum has successfully carried out a series of basic scientific researches on LNG water application cooperating with classification societies such as CCS, BV, DNV·GL, domesticfishing vessel inspection and universities and colleges. The researches filled the gap in China, and attracted much attention in the industry LNG clean energy water application.

Our company has completed 3.5~14000m3 multi-standard LNG ship tanks, marine LNG supply system, the development of marine LNG filling system, can provide customers with LNG systematic water storage, transportation, filling and end-use applications, including solutions.



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Core Parts Warranty: 5 years;

After warranty service: Video technical support, Online support, Spare parts, Field maintenance;

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LNG Euipment for MarineLNG Euipment for MarineLNG Euipment for Marine
LNG Bunkering SystemLNG Fuel Tank & Gas Supply SystemLNG Carrier Tank

Tank volume: 60m3-300m3

Thermal-insulating mode: Perlite powder vacuum insulation, Super vacuum

multi-layer insulation

Arrangement type: Liquid outlet on the top + carbon steel shell; liquid outlet on

the bottom + double layer stainless steel + cold box

System features: Highly integrated, intelligent, safe and reliable

Classification society: CCS

Fuel tank volume: 3m3-500m3

Thermal-insulating mode: Perlite powder vacuum insulation, Super vacuum multi-layer


Design vapour pressure: 0.3MPa-1.2MPa

Arrangement type: Single system of single cabin, dual system of single cabin

System features: Stable supply, safe, reliable, easy to operate

Classification society: CCS, BV, DNV·GL, ABS

Other: Ministry of Agriculture, Fishery Inspection Certification

Cabin type: C-type independent tanks

Volume: 1000m3-20000m3

Thermal-insulating mode: Polyurethane foaming thermal insulation

Design vapour pressure: 0.45MPa

The main material: 9%Ni

Classification society: CCS


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