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LNG Vehicle Cylinder

LNG Vehicle Cylinder, as a cryogenic insulation pressure vessel, is designed with double layers and vacuum structure.

Inner vessel used to store liquid natural gas and wrapped with multi-layer insulating materials with heat-insulated property. Besides, interlayer between inner vessel and outer jacket is made to high vacuum in order to achieve excellent insulation performance.

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LNG Vehicle Cylinder Certifications

GB and ECE R110

LNG Vehicle Cylinder Main functions

Key Features: excellent insulation performance, convenient operation way

What is the purpose of the product?: Supply fuel power to the vehicle.

What benefits will you get from product? : favorable environment protection to the earth

LNG Vehicle Cylinder Use

Where can this product be used? : Used for supplying fuel power to the vehicle.

Who might use this product?: all kinds of vehicle

Use range: bus, truck

Some common uses of the product?; supply fuel power to the ship

LNG Vehicle Cylinder Advantages

Primary advantages; environment protection,

Why should I buy this product?, advantages for long distance use for vehicles

What makes this product different to competitor products ? -excellent insulation performance and afterservices

Our LNG Vehicle Cylinder service

Our Policy: become a leading cryogenic equipment manufacturer & systematic solution supplier of the world

Unique deliveries: 30 days for delivery

Warranty information; one year warranty time for valves and gauges, two years warranty time for cylinder vacuum

LNG Vehicle Cylinder Payment method

What payment method do we have?; 30% downpayment, 70% balance payment before delivery

Export LNG Vehicle Cylinder cases

Russia, southeast Asia, Mexico

Choose LNG Vehicle Cylinder

The vehicle cylinder is a vacuum super insulated cryogenic container that allows liquid natural gas to be stored at low temperatures for lengthy periods of time with very little usage. 

Make safety your first concern. Only manufacture LNG cylinders that pass the inspection items outlined in the Codes and Standards. 

Extremely long service life Using acquired expertise and know-how, manufacture cryogenic liquefied gas cylinders for industrial applications. 

Superior thermal insulation 90 percent insulation technology that does not bend even after being completely charged for 5 days 

A straightforward repair structures 

Plan for easy component replacement in the case of a problem. 

Customized production based on customer specifications We have superior LNG cylinder design and manufacturing methods that enable us to respond swiftly to demands regardless of vehicle type or volume. 


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