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Regasfication Regulating Metering Station

Regasification Regulating Metering Station is to use LNG as medium,which passes through air temperature vaporizer and water bath electrical heating vaporizer to output natural gas, through pressure regulating metering and odorization to supply to downstream gas consumption or pipeline.

A single set of equipment meets different gas consumption requirements, gas supply capacity range is from100Nm3/h to 100,000Nm3/h.

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Regasification Regulating Metering Station can be complied with international code. Won unanimous praise from users all over the world by stable operation with high quality and low price.Users in Ghana, Jamaica, Puerto Rico, Russia, Singapore, Nigeria, etc.


Regasification Regulating Metering Station
Working MediumCapacityLNG pipeline Design temperatureNG pipeline Design temperatureAmbient TemperaturePower supplyPower
LNG/NG100-100,000NM3/h-196℃-20℃-35-+50℃AC380V, 50HZAdapts to capacity

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