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microbulk tank

AJT series Microbulk Tanks are an innovative small gas storage platform designed for cutting, welding, cryogenic laboratories, hospitals and many other gas users. The use of Microbulk Tank does not need frequent replacement of cylinder, no liquid residual loss, avoid the damage caused by the operation of cylinder, more reliable, more efficient, more economical. When used with tank car, the effect is more obvious.

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Main Technical Parameters

Volume: 1m³~5m³ / 1000liters-5000liters

Working Pressure: 1.6MPa~3.5MPa

Thermal-insulating Type: multi layer thermal insulation

Media: LNG、LOX、LIN、LAr、LCO2 and etc.


Safe on-site storage

MicroBulk tanks provide safe on-site storage of cryogenic liquids to maximise operational safety, quality and efficiency. Products can be used in liquid or gaseous form for a variety of applications such as food processing and freezing, high pressure laser cutting, welding, specimen storage and laboratory use.


MicroBulk solutions offer flexibility as your business grows. They can eliminate the need to change multiple smaller cylinders on a daily basis. Choose from the following sizes in high pressure (HP) or very high pressure (VHP) sizes: 1,000, 1,500, 2,000 and 3,000 litres. Tanks can be installed and operated indoors or outdoors and are much simpler to install than standard bulk tanks. 


Convenience, allowing uninterrupted LNG supply, remote control and monitoring of pressure and capacity, no cylinder handling and replacement, reduced inventory management

Increased productivity and savings

Increased productivity and savings, reduced downtime for LNG cylinder changes, no residual returns to LNG suppliers, more efficient accounting and ordering, minimal LNG inventory maintenance, productive use of LNG for labour Efficient use of LNG production space, reduced maintenance costs

High quality

High quality, consistent assurance of high LNG purity, higher product yields and uniform supply


Improved safety, elimination of LNG cylinder handling, no cylinder leaks, low pressure tanks instead of high pressure cylinders

Excellent lead times and stock availability plans

CIMC ENRIC offers excellent lead times and stock availability plans to meet your needs. Our team of engineering, application and customer service experts can help you to size your industrial gas system, which can have a direct benefit to your company's bottom line.


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