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Industrial Gas Tube Skid

The specialized automobile and trailer and Industrial Gas Tube Skid  developed and produced by our company are mainly used for transporting liquefied gases with high (low) pressure, refrigerated liquefied gases, and liquids with the highest working temperature above or equal to their standard boiling point.

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Industrial Gas Tube Skid Overview

Industrial Gas tube skid is widely used for industrial gas, such as H2, He; standard model is 40ft &20ft.

Our engineering and metallurgical teams who work to design products that are state-of-the-art, code and regulatory compliant, safe and cost-effective. We have a standard line of vessels in production but we also offer customization of vessels to match your specific capacity and space requirements. Using a sophisticated CNC spin forging machine (spinner) with proprietary software to meet your specific needs.

The Industrial Gas tube skid could be designed and manufactured with different code including DOT, ISO. We could always fulfil proposal with different geometric volume, working pressure, quantity of cylinder, overall dimension, brand of valves & fittings based on customer's condition and requirement.

Our Iindustrial Gas tube skids are already widely used for famous international gas company in world, such Air product, Linde, Air Liquide, Taiyo Nippon Sanso etc. with cost-effective,&high performance feature, Enric enjoy high reputation .

Safety and efficiency are most important factors, they are widely used around world and enjoy high reputation.

Industrial Gas Tube Skid Feature

1. The product volume to weight ratio is good, which could make the operation with good cost performance;

2. The imported valves of product are with high quality by choosing the famous brand or can be chosen according to the customers' requirement.

3. The bursting disc or safety valves are designed on the manifold of Industrial Gas tube skid, that make the operation much safer under the emergency condition.

4. The advanced manufacture technology and equipment, feasible quality insurance system;

5. The standard corner fittings and framework in accordance with container, make it easy during transportation.

Industrial Gas Tube Skid Specifications

Industrial Gas Tube Skid
SizeMediaTare Weight(Kg)Working PressureTotal Water CapacityTotal Gas Capacity

Industrial Gas Tube Skid Construction Form

Mainly including two structural forms: one is the use of the second class chassis in accordance with the provisions of the state "announcement" for modification of the vehicle, the other is the use of self-made walking mechanism and assembly of the single axis, two axis or three axis transport semi-trailer.

Industrial Gas Tube Skid

Industrial Gas Tube Skid Performance Advantages

Industrial Gas Tube Skid

Industrial Gas Tube Skid Performance Advantages

Replace a series of vehicles, small turning radius, flexible operation;

Series single axle semi-trailer has light weight and high full load quality;

Not affected by the change of state five to state six, the tractor is highly interchangeable.

Industrial Gas Tube Skid

Industrial Gas Tube Skid


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