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LNG Tank Container

ISO LNG Container constitute one type of CIMC ENRIC's standardized, modularized and light-weight transport equipment, and having inherited the feature of transport convenience of containers and integrated the profound storage and transport-related technologies of CIMC ENRIC, they can be used for multimodal transport (marine, railway and road transport ) and for the large-quantity storage and transport of cryogenic liquid. By virtue of their standardized and modularized design,LNG ISO tank containers can organically combine with upstream and downstream LNG application facilities and perfectly blend into the overall solution for application as the storage and transport link, thus creating higher values for clients.

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Definition of lng containers

LNG containers are special containers used to store and transport liquefied natural gas. These vessels are typically made from high-strength materials, such as carbon steel or nickel alloys, to ensure safe storage and transportation of LNG. LNG containers typically have equipment such as insulation and safety valves to ensure that proper temperatures and pressures are maintained during transportation and storage. These vessels play an important role in the LNG industry, providing an efficient solution for the long-distance transportation and storage of natural gas.

Product Features

1.Unique internal structural design, outstanding thermal insulation performance , long-distance loss-free transport;

2.GB150, ASME, AS1210, EN13530 and other relevant domestic and foreign standards;a larger volume and a lower weight; safe and easy to operation;

3.Comply with IMDG, ADR, RID and other international requirements on the transport of dangerous goods, suitable for global multimodal transportation;

4.The LR, BV, DNV, CCS or other relevant requirements for the inspection and certification of products.

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Natural Gas ISO Storage Tanks | Liquefied Natural Gas LNG Tank Container

CIMC ENRIC is an industry leader in the design, engineering and manufacture of LNG transportation and storage tanks, like LNG Container. We proudly serve our customers worldwide.

LNG takes up 1/600th of the physical space required in gaseous form and therefore provides an economical way of transporting natural gas from one location to another.LNG is odorless, colorless, non-corrosive and non-toxic.

Our rigorous testing ensures that all our natural gas storage tanks meet all ISO standards and DOT regulations. We also understand that companies have different needs. CIMC ENRIC works directly with each customer to provide custom solutions based on pressure and holding requirements.

CIMC ENRIC manufactures cryogenic storage tanks of the highest quality. Our cryogenic storage vessels are used worldwide for the safe transport and storage of cryogenic gases or liquid natural gas.

CIMC ENRIC now offers 45ft and 53ft high capacity LNG storage tanks, as well as customized LNG storage tanks. These 45ft and 53ft tanks meet all certifications for transportation or bulk storage and are capable of being moved from station to station.

CIMC ENRIC's goal in providing LNG storage tanks is to safely maximize payload at an affordable price. Contact us today or view our 40ft LNG storage tanks or larger or smaller LNG storage tanks below!

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-LNG Iso Cryogenic Tank Container - 40ft/20ft/custom size

Liquefied Natural Gas (LNG) tank containers are used around the world to expand the energy supply chain by allowing the safe storage and transportation of liquefied natural gas (LNG). LNG is increasingly seen as an alternative to fossil fuels. The delivery of natural gas in LNG tank containers provides an energy option for urban and remote areas.

40ft Cryogenic Tank Container
DAG.NODesign CodeMAWP(MPa)Capacity(m3)Tare Weight(kg)Load weight(kg)Rated weight(kg)

40 ft LNG Iso container

Standard 40 ft ISO containers for the safe storage and transport of liquefied natural gas (LNG)

This new addition to our product range is built around a standard 40ft ISO frame with Blair corner castings and lockable valve protection cabinets containing valves, gauges, vacuum check gauge connections and a separate documentation rack.

The tank can also be configured to accept cryogenic transfer pumps. The tank is approved for transport by road, rail and sea.

The tank has a production working pressure range of 100 psi to 10 Bar for the safe transport of LNG.

20ft Cryogenic Tank Container (Side Opening door)
DAG.NODesign CodeMAWP(MPa)Capacity(m3)Tare Weight(kg)Load weight(kg)Rated weight(kg)

20ft Cryogenic Tank Container (Back Opening door)
DAG.NODesign CodeMAWP(MPa)Capacity(m3)Tare Weight(kg)Load weight(kg)Rated weight(kg)

CIMC ENRIC LNG Tank Container

With tightening environmental regulations, the global shipping industry is facing unprecedented challenges. The shipping industry needs alternatives. The container LNG concept provides an answer to these challenges. CIMC ENRIC has developed a variety of LNG fuel solutions, including tank containers, which are an alternative to conventional LNG bunkering. The tank can also be configured to accept cryogenic transfer pumps. The tank is approved for road, rail, and marine transport.

Also, CIMC ENRIC's LNG storage container tanks are globally approved and offer market-leading tare weights and capacities, with the more common capacity on the market being 40FT/20FT.

Our strength lies in our ability to provide solutions by working with our customers and understanding their requirements. Optimization and innovation in terms of design, specification, performance, and in particular payload, dwell time, and maintenance costs

Our global inventory of equipment is supported by a network of maintenance facilities, giving you the confidence of a rental partner. Our team of technical experts is on hand to answer any questions you may have about our cryogenic tanks.

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