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LNG Mobile Refueling Station

LNG Mobile Refueling Station

LNG mobile refueling station engineered and manufactured by CimcEnric for safety and performance, the LNG refueler is loaded with safety features and automated systems that allow for speed and ease of use with minimal demand on the operator. The integrated skid-mounted LNG vehicle filling device is consists of a skid-mounted chassis, LNG storage tank, immersed pump, LNG filling machine, EAG vaporizer and unloading pipelines, fluid adding pipelines and pressure increase pipelines. Other systems include an instrument air system, gas alarm system, lighting system and PLC control system.

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The LNG filling station includes an unloading system, LNG storing system, pressurization system, gasification system, high pressure gas storage system, gas filling measuring system, autonomous system, and alarm system.

Fixed installation on the site can be performed according to customers’ requirements.

Product Features

1. Modular design is adopted for easy operation and maintenance;

2. Humanized design is adopted for high automation;

3. Vacuum pipeline and vacuum valve are adopted so as to reduce the generation of BOG;

4. Immersed pump level gauge is adopted so as to guarantee safety and reliability of the system;

LNG mobile refueler’s unique design

skid-mounted chassis

LNG storage tank

immersed pump

LNG filling machine

EAG vaporizer and unloading pipelines

fluid adding pipelines

pressure increase pipelines

CIMC LNG Mobile Refueling Station

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