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Cryogenic Mini Tank

CIMC tank

AJT series products are an innovative small gas storage platform designed for cutting, welding, cryogenic laboratories, hospitals and many other gas users. The use of anjietong does not need frequent replacement of cylinder, no liquid residual loss, avoid the damage caused by the operation of cylinder, more reliable, more efficient, more economical. When used with tank car, the effect is more obvious.

CIMC ENRIC uses the standardized container tank equipment that meets international multimodal transport standards as the standardized equipment for chemical transportation

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Main Technical Parameters

Volume: 1m³~5m³

Working Pressure: 1.6MPa~3.5MPa

Thermal-insulating Type: multi-layer thermal insulation

Media: LNG、LOX、LIN、LAr、LCO2 and etc.

CIMC ENRIC Businesses

Chemical equipment: CIMC ENRIC uses the standardized container tank equipment that meets international multimodal transport standards as the standardized equipment for chemical transportation, incorporating the advantages of China Europe design and production into the products, realizing the intelligent monitoring and management of the whole logistics process to provide customers with modern comprehensive solutions for powder, liquid and gaseous chemical logistics. The company is also in the leading position in the field of nuclear power in China.

Energy equipment: With clean energy CNG/LNG storage and transportation equipment as the key product, we have expanded our service scope to include engineering services and comprehensive solutions for CNG/LNG filling station supporting facilities, urban gasification, commercial non-pipeline networks, etc. Today, CIMC ENRIC's business scope ranges from pre-treatment, liquidation, transportation, storage, re-vaporization, and pipeline transportation to the whole natural gas industry chain applied to terminals.

CIMC ENRIC's market share of LNG cryogenic tank containers, cryogenic liquid transport semi-trailers and medium-pressure gas tankers is the first in China; since 2002, the production and sales of high-pressure pipe trailers have been among the top in the world; the company has a working team consisting of the largest number of cryogenic tank designers and experts in the world, which has helped the company to occupy more than 70% of the market share in the field of engineering cryogenic tank design; it has become a world-renowned The company has become a world-renowned brand for large LNG receiving and storage stations.

CIMC tanks

If you are looking for a safe container for LNG transportation, this cryogenic CIMC tank

Designed with a unique internal structure, CIMC cryogenic tank container has excellent insulation properties. Humanized pipeline design makes for safe and convenient operation. The LNG container we produce has a larger volume and lighter weight, thus helping reduce transportation costs, Based on customer requirements, we can design and produce cryogenic tank containers in accordance Our tank containers meet the international requirements on dangerous goods transportation such as IMDG, ADR, ASME 1lI-1, AS1210 and EN13530, It can also satisfy the need of

global land-and-water coordinated transport. Customers can inspect CIMC cryogenic tank containers with the standards of LR in the UK, BV in France, DNV in Norway or CCC in China.

CIMC tanks including

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The CIMC tank product will supply to all over the world, such as Europe, America, Australia


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